Angie Grau is the owner of Paper June, a children’s book + creativity shop in NOTO. Here’s what she says … “Do you remember how fun it was to flip through the Scholastic catalog or to browse the book fair at school? My job is a lot like that! In addition to hand-selecting books and toys, I create and manage all of the marketing, plan and host events, support our creative programming, throw parties and clean bathrooms. (It can’t all be fun!) I started Paper June because I believe that reading and creativity in childhood are foundational to laying the groundwork for a successful future.”

Jenna Ketcherside is the Social Media Manager at Advisors Excel. She manages all of Advisors Excel’s public-facing social media accounts’ organic content and a private Facebook group specific to their industry and clients. She takes pride in finding creative, innovative, and trendy ways to share the mission, culture, and unique corporate environment at Advisors Excel via the world wide web. When she isn’t looking at her phone screen, running around surprising her co-workers on camera, or trying to come up with the perfect insta-worthy caption you can find her out in the middle of nowhere (literally) at her 1850s stone farmhouse with her husband, Sam, and doggo, Hank Williams. Ironically she gets very little service out there.  

Alissa Menke, the founder and chief digital strategist at, initially began dabbling in social media as Facebook was just extending beyond college students. As more social networks emerged, algorithms evolved and demographics have changed, she moved her focus from organic social media strategies to paid social placements. Today the cohort crew manages campaigns on all of the major social networks – from Facebook to TikTok – placing nearly a half million dollars-worth of social media ads in just the past two years.

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